TURBO Triangle Triage


This pop-up traffic triangle is at the intersection of 11th and Gallatin


Tomato Arts Festival is one of the great festivals typical of Nashville. It celebrates the unique and arty wackyness that is a feature of East Nashville’s DNA. The Tomato Fest takes back the streets of Five Points from its busy day-to-day traffic, transforming them into a jubilant celebration of diversity and unity.

At the 2015 Tomato Festival, a group of Tactical URBanism Organizers (aka TURBO Nashville) vowed to reclaim public space in a desolate asphalt traffic triangle at the intersection of Gallatin Pike and 11th Avenue in East Nashville. The goal was to convert dangerous and unpleasant pedestrian space into an enjoyable, safe place that promotes walks to Five Points.

TURBO Sign asking for community input for the Triangle space - this sign was posted over one month before the installation took place.

The impetus behind creating this guarded, more pleasurable area during Tomato Fest was the greater volume of people walking to the festival. This installation would draw attention to the area and begin conversation about permanent change to this egregious pedestrian space.

Part of TURBO's installation day of Tomato Fest 2015

Action! Over one hundred comments were collected during the festival, ideas for improving the triangle. Revelers found delight in temporary improvements to the once unenjoyable traffic triangle. The success reverberated through neighborhood groups; new ideas and plans for the space were generated. The conversation on the triangle must keep moving forward! This could become a great, safe, multi-modal gathering place for East Nashville.

Ideas collected the day of Tomato Fest
This data shows the consensus of the participants of the 2015 Tomato Fest.

This data shows the consensus of the participants of the 2015 Tomato Fest.

 East High School Student Feedback

Ideas and drawings were collected from students who use the space after school.

A TURBO Triangle Triage workshop was conducted by the Public Library that sits on the narrow wedge of the triangle space. During the 2016 school year, students congregated at the Library's after school program to give input on the space they inhabit every day.


What Could Be Next For The Triangle Triage?