TURBO Triangle Triage / Tomato Fest

We are brainstorming ideas for this unused space where Gallatin and 11th merge. It is right next to East Nashville Magnet School, the East Branch Library, Village Church, and Calypso Café. Some ideas for this unused concrete triangle include fun popups related to the school or library and adding more trees, flowers, and plants. What do you think this space should be used for? Please send us a message of your ideas or how you would like to get involved.


Tomato Art Festival 2016

The annual Tomato Arts Festival at 5 points in East Nashville is Saturday, August 13th. TURBO had historically been set up in front of East Branch Library (see last years project above) highlighting the potential of the pedestrian space there in a project called the TURBO Triangle Triage. 

Paint by Numbers display idea

Paint by Numbers display idea

This year TURBO has been granted the gas station parking lot in the center of 5 Points! The plan (shown in the image above) was to create 5 stations.
Station 1: A Food truck vendors area with seating.
Station 2: A TURBO style furniture building area.
Station 3: A furniture painting area.
Station 4: A paint by numbers community art area.  
Station 5: Turbo Triangle Triage info station.

Name that color

We took submissions from the community to name the colors that made our color palette for our community paint-by-numbers mural.

This project was in collaboration with Camilla Spadafino Art. TURBO’s Tomato Fest pop up installation featured this art work and was located at the gas station in the center of Five Points for the 2016 Tomato Art Festival. The paint by numbers was enlarged onto mini billboard sized panels that the community was invited to come help paint.

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