We want you to shape your city. 

Community participation is key part of Turbo. The built environment affects everyone’s day to day life but all in different ways. Each Nashvillian will bring their own perspective to this movement to find holistic solutions to improving public spaces across Nashville. Designs will be stronger because they reflect Nashville’s values, needs, and preferences. This website is a forum where you are given the opportunity to participate and express your needs and concerns. You also will be able to learn more about your city and others in the community with similar ideas. Together we have the power and skills to make our visions come to life. Please join in!

Creative Thinkers

Many urban thinkers in Nashville were crucial to starting Turbo in order to organize and initiate projects across Nashville. These people include:

Ali Alsaleh, Smith Gee Studio

Matt Genova, Harvard Urban Planning, Student

David Grisham, Aesh Design, Founder

Fuller Hanan, Nashville Civic Design Center, Community Development Coordinator

Katrina Hartwig, Native Magazine, Associate Publisher

Eric Hoke, Nashville Civic Design Center, Design Coordinator

Kate Hyde, Redevelopment Lab, Inc., Founder

Michael Kenner, MiKen Development, Founder

Ron Yearwood, Nashville Civic Design Center, Assistant Director

Turbo supporters

Vanessa Asaro, Nashville Civic Design Center

Johnson Bullard, Kiser Vogrin Design

Mayra Cervantes, Casa Azafrán

K. Clay Haynes, Oak Tree Properties

Betsy Littrell, Manuel Zeitlin Architects

Angeligue Pittman, Native Magazine

John Pittman, Native Magazine

Kion Sawney, Housing Developer at Beacon Development Group

Abby Whisenant, Oasis Center

Our Strategic Partners

Aesh Design is a collaborative team of designers, fabricators, builders and thinkers. We practice a hands-on, ground-up approach to design by combining an architecture firm with a modern workshop. Engaging the whole team. Generating sawdust, sparks and ideas. Creating a refined, relevant and innovative product.


MiKeN Development creates innovation with re-urbanization. We believe in community regrowth and revitalization of the urban core. Our specialty is working closely with neighborhoods and the community on land use issues and policy throughout the development process. We lead grassroots efforts within neighborhoods to help them navigate the rapid process of redevelopment within Nashville, currently one of the fasted growing cities in the country. MiKeN Development founded a Tactical Urbanism forum in Nashville, which is meant to help neighborhoods influence change around them with temporary structural installations that help envision and promote permanent change. 

The Nashville Civic Design Center (NCDC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to elevate the quality of Nashville's built environment and to promote public participation in the creation of a more beautiful and functional city for all. The NCDC was one of the initiators of Turbo. There have been many efforts before Turbo to improve public space, but this movement will organize citizens to join together and build on previous projects.

We believe that there are replicatable solutions to the problems of cities. They start in defining and building a community’s character to create a sense of place that residents can take pride in.

From there we can develop economically viable solutions to address investment in jobs, redevelopment, and good growth. By creating collaborative partnerships with local government and non-profits, we can help businesses finance long-term solutions for community change. These solutions will be grounded in a strong bottom line, resiliency in the face of the vagaries of climate change, and the valuation and retention of existing residents.

We will always work to preserve and enhance your city’s natural resources and beauty, and we will find ways to ensure equitable choices for all residents when it comes to jobs, housing, education, safety, and transportation.