TURBO is part of the Nashville Civic Design Center's Reclaiming Public Space initiative.

We are a group of community leaders, landscape architects, developers, designers, policy makers and media partners.

We are fans of walkability, public transportation, public art, biking, green space and less traffic.

We inspire permanent change through temporary projects surrounding mobility, safety and beauty.

Neighbor - $20

Receive a t-shirt and your name on our website.

Urbanist - $100

Receive 2 t-shirts and your name or business name on our website and sponsor board.

Catalyst - $500

Receive 4 t-shirts and your business logo and link on our website and sponsor board.

 donate $20

donate $20

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donate $100

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donate $500

Contact TURBO

TURBO has many opportunities for individuals, organizations, businesses, and policy makers to become involved.

Contact us to learn more by emailing: turbonashville@gmail.com

Social Media: @turbonashville

Change Agent

Contact us for information about larger sponsorship opportunities on our bigger projects.