Richland Park Market Festival

May 2017


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May 2016

Tactical Urbanism Plan for Richland Park Market Festival

Tactical Urbanism Plan for Richland Park Market Festival

The 51st Ave underpass is a problem walking area. It is a logical connection for The Nations Neighborhood to Richland Park as well as many businesses on Charlotte Pike. The Underpass is dark and auto centric which makes it intimidating for pedestrians. Likewise the walking area for the business across from Richland Park on Charlotte Ave. are less then ideal for walking.

This spring Richland Park will host the 1st annual Market Fest to highlight the history of the neighborhood and jump start the Richland Park Farmers Market. This will be an excellent opportunity to bring awareness to this connection as well as heighten walkability on Charlotte.

TURBO intends to help with the installation of PARK(ing) Day style parklets to the parallel parking spaces in front of the Charlotte Ave shops. Enhancing this very walkable connection will greatly enhance Charlotte Pike as a corridor.

Want to Create A Parklet for your Business or your neighborhood?

TURBO Needs your help in creating PARK(ing) Day Style Parklets along Charlotte during the Richland Park Market Festival!

Green parking spots are TURBO parklets for the day!

Take a look at the parklets: