The intersection of Holly & 11th St

August 2016

This is a well used intersection in East Nashville that has a pedestrian crossing sign but no actual crosswalk or designated place to cross between parked cars. If pedestrians are crossing from the west side of the street, it is unlikely that drivers will see pedestrians until they are already in the road. This makes for a very dangerous place to cross. Further there is no ramp on the west side of 11th St. A person in a wheel chair must travel 2 blocks south or one block north to simply cross to Holly St.

Existing conditions on 11th St.

Existing conditions on 11th St.

TURBO's vision for added crossing area on 11th St.

Addition of a crosswalk, crossing signs, bulb-outs, and street trees on either side of this intersection would make this a much safer more enjoyable intersection of East Nashville

Photos from the installation of the crosswalk!