Elizabeth Park Traffic Calming


Community Challenge AARP Grant

December 2017

For the first-ever AARP Community Challenge, AARP has invested nearly $780,000 to create change and improve the quality of life for people of all ages in communities across the nation. AARP received almost 1,200 applications, resulting in a highly competitive selection process. As a "quick action" grant, the winners were announced on September 7 and given a completion deadline of November 1, 2017. 

Each project delivers on one or all of the following: 

  • Improve social connections through the built environment for people of all ages and abilities 
  • Expand work, volunteer, educational and/or training opportunities for all residents 
  • Drive inclusive community engagement and interaction across a diverse population 
"Great communities require careful planning and time. These quick action projects will give community leaders the motivation and momentum to create greater change." 

— Nancy LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer 



Metro Public Works, Metro Planning Department, Metro Parks Department 


Buchanan Area Neighborhood Association, Historic Buena Vista Community Association, Neighborhoods Resource Center, Bonadies Urban Development, Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet School 


Alliance for Green Hills, Hillsboro High school


This project is in place for 1 month. It will be frequently monitored by members of the Nashville Civic Design Center and community members. Data will be collected and reported back to Nashville Metro Public Works to inform a longer term decision. 

Funding for this projects was provided by AARP

Intersection Intervention

November 2017

Plan for intersection intervention, this installation will be in place for 1 month to test the new traffic pattern.

Travel lane section for Arthur Ave

Video from AARP outlining the Community Challenge Grant

Video from AARP outlining the Community Challenge Grant

This project is taking a closer look at the intersection of Arthur Ave and 11th Ave N at Elizabeth Park. This intersection has hundreds of square feet of street space that could be given back to pedestrians for an extension of Elizabeth Park or a vessel for public art.

This installation could help calm traffic near the park and create a space for expression from the community. 

TURBO has partnered with the Neighborhood Resource Center for the 5th Annual Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration on September 30th. Here TURBO plans to create a seating area for a food bazaar as well as collect ideas for this underutilized space at this intersection.

See photos from the Neighborhood Celebration: