A Seat for Two

Kevin Tang

A couple of months ago I was on a date. And in searching for a great Nashville spot to end the date, I took her to the place mentioned by my friend -- Love Circle. Fitting, right? Although it was just a first date, no need to throw out the L word.

If you’re new to Nashville, Love Circle is a well-kept secret; a trendy yet hidden locale away from the city, located near Vanderbilt between Hillsboro Village and West End. Situated on top of a water reservoir mound, it offers the highest panoramic view of downtown Nashville. Clearly intended for a pragmatic purpose, along with a wind turbine, the spot has become a magnet for love birds, friends, Tinder dates and the like to picnic and enjoy the view. Unequivocally, it’s the perfect place to see the sunrise/ sunset and to gaze the stars.

It’s almost scripted.

But yet, it’s missing something. A view like that deserves to be savored. The hill is open, a grassy mount with no designated spot; no stake to be claimed; no place to call one’s own. Couples sit about in an ad-hock manner facing the same direction. There needs to be a seat for two.

Just one bench, for two. A seat that joins together two people in search of the same vision.

Well, we made the bench. And it seats two. And my date and I are putting it there. And it’s dedicated to couples everywhere. And it’s dedicated to Nashville. And it’s dedicated to her.

Hope you find your date and I hope you take her there. And I hope that bench will capture a wonderful memory in Nashville.

Coming soon!

Concept for bench on Love Circle

Concept for bench on Love Circle