12 South Traffic Calming

A Traffic Circle

The Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood has approached TURBO to work on traffic calming at the intersection of 15th Ave & Elmwood Ave

We are working to find a temporary solution that will be able to further this conversation. Attend the next TURBO monthly meeting to learn more.

Volunteer Sign Up

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Set-up Jobs on Saturday, April 1st at 8am-10am
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Daily Maintenance
We will also need volunteers to check on the traffic circle throughout the week of April 1-8.
Check-ups will be twice a day, AM Shifts (check once between 8am-11am) and PM Shifts (check once between 1pm-6pm).
Select as many shifts as you would like!
I am available to help take-down the traffic circle on Saturday, April 8th at 8am.